Lord of The Flies: Chapter 7 Summary Quiz

Gapfill exercise

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realizes that is thinking about home. He tells that he knows that he will make it back all right. thinks is batty, or crazy, and asks him sarcastically if he has a in his pocket.

On their way to the , the boys hunt for . gets his first experience at hunting, and he enjoys it. He is able to get his into the pig. is injured slightly by the boar because he waited too long to put his spear into him. tells to suck on the wound to make it better.

After this the boys get excited and start to pretend they are hunting a . They use as the . The boys get too involved and Robert ends up getting . and Ralph play it off as if it were nothing but a game. says that he once got badly hurt while playing , or rugby. says next time they should have a play the pig.

It is getting late, and still wants to make it to the to restart the . suggests that they should get back to Piggy. volunteers to go alone to Piggy and tell him that the rest won’t be back until later.

and Ralph keep pushing each other to go up the in the dark. , Eric, and the rest of the boys all leave Jack, Ralph, and by themselves. They are not scared, they say, but rather tired.

goes up the mountain alone after implied that he was too scared to do so. He later comes down saying he saw something. scares the two of them when he suggests it is a . The three of them go up to have a look and they see the dead man with the . The three of them run, leaving their on the mountain.